What type of decking materials do you use?

We mainly use Rhodesian Teak decking but do use any other decking material if the client requires from CCA pine, Saligna, Maculata, Balau, Garapa, Ipe, Massaranduba and even 100% Recycled Solid Plastic (Not composite) that requires no maintenance.

What kind of maintenance is required on Timber decking?

We use a Silkwood Oil Based Decking sealer on all our timber decking, this will need to be done every 6 to 8 months, I say to my clients that the more often it is done the better and longer it will last and look great.

What sub structure material is used?

We only use quality CCA treated Pine timber and Gum poles.

What type of screws are used?

We use electro plated chipboard screws inland and only galvanised screws at the coastal areas. We also only use galvanised threaded rods, nuts and washers, coach screws etc

How do you close the screw holes on the deck?

We use body filler that is stained to the same colour as the decking material.

What Timber sealer do you use?

We use a product called Silkwood Oil Based Decking sealer.

What type of gum poles do you use on the gum pole roof structures?

We only use the best quality CCA treated gum poles.

What Timber is used for your pergolas?

We mostly use Meranti timber and CCA treated Pine that is then sealed with Silkwood on completion.

What material is used on your fencing products?

We mostly use only quality CCA treated Pine for all fencing products.

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