The reality is, the world is a consumer driven one. In the USA in 2010, plastics represented 12.4 percent of the total of municipal solid waste collected, whereas in 1960 plastics only represented 1 percent. In South Africa just under 1.1million tons of plastic waste was sent to our landfills in 2014.

We consume more and more each day and most of it is packaged and sold in some form of plastic container or tube. Think of your milk bottles, water bottles, cleaning product bottles, face creams, roll-ons, shampoo’s and more – everything is packaged in plastic!

These huge statistics make the need for recycling plastic waster all the greater. Recycled plastic furniture is meeting this need in a very exciting, functional and sustainable way. Recycled plastic furniture is made using recycled plastics of all kinds such as bottle caps, milk bottles, cosmetic tubes and tubs which are recycled, broken down and rebuilt into custom made pieces. The process is low impact on the environment and because each piece is made from 100% recycled plastic, it makes it completely eco-friendly and green.

All the more reason to recycle properly in your own home, you could be sitting on it later!

“Recycled plastic furniture is maintenance free, has a very long lifespan, is resistant to moisture, and is incredibly durable and hard-wearing especially in our harsh South African summers. I work with the beauty and intricacy of wood as well, but nothing can beat the ease and durability of this range. It’s long-lasting and has superb functionality.” says Gareth McKenzie of McTimber Structures.

Interesting Fact:

A very positive statistic from PlasticsSA’s 2014 survey results – 1.4million tons of plastics from domestic production and imported materials were converted in South Africa in 2014. Hopefully our recycled furniture had something to do with that conversion success rate!