Timber Decking vs Composite Decking

Timber Decking vs Composite Decking

What is Timber Decking:

Timber is wood that is prepared and treated for building and carpentry.  Timber is wood that has been cut and readied for building and comes in many forms, depending on the look and feel you are needing.  Pine, teak and meranti are some common types of wood we use.  Timber can be used for many building or carpentry needs from decking, pergolas, carports, cladding and much more.

Why use timber for decking?

  • Naturally beautiful – wood or timber has a wonderfully natural warmth to it. The natural lines and beauty of the tree is able to be seen and admired
  • It’s all in the nose – the smell of the tree can often permeate from the timber, giving an earthy aroma to your home or entertainment area
  • The price is right – many types of wood, like pine, are among the most …MORE inexpensive decking material available

The only downside to timber – if you want to see it as such – is that it needs to be treated and maintained regularly to protect it and to avoid it from splitting, cracking or changing colour.  Regular maintenance and correct care should be a part of the package when choosing timber as your decking choice.

What is composite decking?

Composite is a rrecycled product of made of mainly plastic, wood and other materials melted down and merged together.  It is considered a synthetic product and is very environmentally-friendly because of its recycled nature.  Composite is used to create furniture, jungle gyms, outdoor furniture and decking as well.

Why use composite decking?

  • Resistant to the elements – composite decking is weather resistant and does stand up well against the elements. It is also stain resistant as well
  • Low maintenance – very little maintenance is required for composite and the risk of it splitting or cracking is very minimal.
  • Lightweight – composite is very light weight and is easy to maneuver

You do not get the natural beauty, lines and aroma with composite as you do with wood of course.  It is also not resistant to mold or mildew if kept in damp, shady areas.


Of course, the choice between whether to use timber or composite decking is completely up to you and will depend the look and feel you want, the functionality of the deck you are needing, your lifestyle, and your budget.  Both have their good points and both will give you an excellent end result that will last in your home for years to come.