Wonderful World of Wood

The warmth and beauty of wood is unsurpassed by many other products out there, but what often turns people off is the maintenance of the product.  Gareth McKenzie, owner of McTimber Structures acknowledges that working with wood requires time and patience, but the benefits and beauty of having it in your home is absolutely worth it.

McTimber Structures specialises in timber decking, balustrades, pergolas, staircases, carports, and timber fencing.  Gareth says that wood, if maintained regularly and with the right products, will stay looking beautiful forever.  “When talking maintenance to our clients, we recommend not using just any type of varnish.  We recommend using an oil-based sealer so that the wood will absorb the oil and be nourished.”  adds Gareth.

Sealing and treating the wood in your home should be done every 6 – 8 months.  “For those clients that want to do the maintenance themselves, we give them a clear guide on which products to use and how to do it.  For other clients who are not so hands on, we include regular maintenance into our service to them.” says Gareth.

McTimber Structure’s best tip for homeowners is ‘the more maintenance the better’.  He adds that you ideally want your wood to look as great as it did the day it was installed.  Regular maintenance and proper sealing will ensure that moisture does not get into wood and warp it, or that the wood dries out and becomes brittle from the sun.

McTimber’s Top 5 Woods to have in your Home:

  1. Rhodesian Teak – our first choice in decking, outdoor furniture and cladding
  2. CCA treated pine – this wood is an all-rounder and can be used for outdoor fencing, pergolas, carports and decking sub-structures
  3. Balau – a divine wood best used for decking cladding
  4. Massaranduba – an unusual wood best for decking cladding
  5. Meranti – another great all-rounder best used for pergolas, balustrades, decking and balconies