Timber Decking vs Composite Decking

Timber Decking vs Composite Decking

What is Timber Decking: Timber is wood that is prepared and treated for building and carpentry.  Timber is wood that has been cut and readied for building and comes in many forms, depending on the look and feel you are needing.  Pine, teak and meranti are some common types of wood we use.  Timber can […]

Wonderful World of Wood

The warmth and beauty of wood is unsurpassed by many other products out there, but what often turns people off is the maintenance of the product.  Gareth McKenzie, owner of McTimber Structures acknowledges that working with wood requires time and patience, but the benefits and beauty of having it in your home is absolutely worth […]

Recycled Plastic and the Future

The reality is, the world is a consumer driven one. In the USA in 2010, plastics represented 12.4 percent of the total of municipal solid waste collected, whereas in 1960 plastics only represented 1 percent. In South Africa just under 1.1million tons of plastic waste was sent to our landfills in 2014. We consume more […]